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Hi and welcome to It Works! I'm so happy you're interested in either working as an Independent Distributor on my team (and I KNOW you'll make a great addition) OR becoming a Customer/Loyal Customer of mine (I will take good care of you!) 

Just a little background of who I am so you feel more comfortable and at ease working together (whether team member or customer). I'm a single mother of two amazing kids, a freelance writer and blogger of TwinCitiesView ...I DO have a history in the health and wellness field, I not only went to school for Fitness and Nutrition, but I also was a high competitive athlete for most of my life. And about 5 years ago I had a near death experience due to a rare liver disease I was born with... I know how important it is to live a healthy lifstyle and what is takes to be consistent with taking care of our bodies. Because of my health scare I find it even more important to help others become and STAY healthy. I'm here for you every step of the way and will help you achieve your goals by sharing knowledge, being your coach/cheerleader and keeping you on track! 

Let's DO THIS!

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